Introducing our unique hybrid wind/solar renewable deployable energy solution designed specifically for the security industry, to supply reliable constant electrical power where power is not easily available or is cost-prohibitive. Using our unique innovative design of vertical axis wind turbine powered by Renewable Motion’s own "hyper vane" blade technology which captures the wind in the most efficient way possible, producing energy in all but the lowest winds. In conjunction with our pyramid configuration solar pod which has panels facing in four planes capturing every bit of sunlight throughout the day, we have produced a truly practical solution to remote power delivery.

In standard form (480w) we have a system which is more than capable of powering most CCTV / transmission / micro radar assets 24/7, all year round. Together with battery storage and next generation controls / monitoring systems we can give at least 48 hours battery autonomy on one full charge.


- Hybrid wind and solar giving dependable power delivery
- Unique solar passive tracking configuration. Our pyramid design has solar panels facing four ways capturing as much sunlight as possible throughout the day.
- Our own design "hyper vane" vertical axis wind turbine blade technology which operates even in built up areas, because of its design does not require a direct laminar wind flow as with most conventional turbines producing power much more of the time.
- Fast deployment times with one or two man operation (around 20kgs)
- Cost effective and reliable
- Power from 300 to 1000 watts combined (480 watt standard)
- All year round energy source using wind and solar in one unique integrated package
- Energy storage
- Controls including monitoring software option including climate conditions
- Ideal for temporary and permanent installations
- Can be tailored to any application
- Multiple mounting options
- Installation training
- Prices from £2000.00 + vat

Outline specification

1. Quick deploy time (1 to 2 hours ) 18 to 25 kgs
2. Single man operation 18 to 25 kgs without batteries.
3. Dimension 700w x1150h. 480 watt unit)
4. Expandable power outputs from 250 watts to 1000 + watts (standard size is 80 watt solar and 400 watt wind 480 watt total) will run most camera and transmissions micro radar assets.
5. Unique vertical axis wind turbine 200 to 500 watts works well in built up areas with swirling none directional wind patterns.
6. Pyramid solar configuration 50 to 150 watts (passive tracking) can be supplied with epoxy panels for use in venerable areas.
7. Integrated power control system with battery protection / remote monitoring.
8. Cost effective alternative to mains power.
9. Designed to power security systems from CCTV /transmission/ radar.
10. Multiple mount options (made to your specifications)
11. Fully integrated system with power unit, tower, batteries and control options.
12. Normal battery size 2x 100ah @ 12 volts (approximately 2 days autonomy) on one charge. Fitted to tower or bespoke enclosure.
13. Compact design.
14. Product specific power interface to your specification.
15. Unique customer designs available.
16. Full consultancy service, site surveys and procurement advice.
17. We recommend factoring in a multiple of 6 to your maximum power requirements to allow for low wind and sun outputs with security power systems.



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